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Over our many years of trading, we have established Worldwide contacts which enables us to competitively source the perfect diamond for each individual customer, which is where our speciality lies.  As independent jewellers this allows us to hand pick and assess every diamond in person to ensure it meets your personal criteria.  We have a large collection of Ethically sourced loose diamonds and each one is unique.  We choose our diamonds to reflect a good balance of the "4 Cs":

In 1939 it was recognised the importance of creating a universal language to define the unique traits of diamonds.
The 4Cs have since become the standard for describing a diamond’s specific characteristics.

The combination of CUT, COLOUR, CLARITY & CARAT denote a diamond’s value and rarity. 


A diamond’s brilliance is largely determined by its cut.  An expertly cut diamond, with perfectly symmetrical and aligned facets, will reflect light beautifully, leading to unrivalled brilliance.  True expertise is required to create facets with perfect proportions that maximise light and increase a diamond’s signature sparkle.

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White or colourless diamonds exist on a scale of many different shades, ranging from brilliant white to pale yellow.  These subtle differences are graded on a colour scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow).

Beautiful coloured diamonds, in hues of yellow, pink, blue, orange, green and red, for example, go beyond all other measures of rarity, and are graded based on their intensity and enticing depth of colour.

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Diamonds are created by tremendous heat and pressure deep within the earth.  This thoroughly organic process means that virtually all diamonds contain internal inclusions and surface blemishes.

Diamonds with fewer of these characteristics are deemed to have a higher clarity, ranging from FL, or Flawless, to I, signalling a number of inclusions.

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A ‘carat’ is defined as one hundred points and precise measurements are taken to the hundredth decimal place to ensure complete accuracy.
In the ancient world, carob seeds were used as a reference for the weight of individual diamonds as each seed was found to be of the same weight.  Today, this historic practice has led to the word carat, which is now the contemporary measure of weight for all diamonds.


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What happens after you have bought a diamond?

A valuation for insurance will be provided.  We recommend that you visit us every couple of years after your purchase in order that we can check your diamonds are secure and review any necessary changes in the valuation.  We can also give them a little clean to make sure it looks just like new.


If we don't have the specific stone you desire in stock, we will contact our diamond suppliers for a stone that matches your requirements for your personal viewing on a non-obligation basis, meaning you have no pressure to buy.

Most stones also come with a certificate that have been assessed in an independent diamond grading laboratory.