Jewellery Remodelling 

Here at Nouveau we understand the sentimental value of all treasured unused jewellery, these may be family heirlooms or have a fond memory associated with them. Instead of these pieces of jewellery collecting dust, let us help you breathe new life into them. We can even add an engraving to your treasured jewellery.

Restyling Your Jewellery

The possibilities are truly endless for restyling jewellery,  it could involve a completely new creation around the original gems and precious metals, or as simple as a slight change to make it more wearable. You are not however limited to what you bring to us, we have a wide variety of gems and precious metals we can use in addition to your beloved item, to ensure you get what you really want.

Replicating Treasures

Even if your jewellery is past the point of restoration we can duplicate them, using new precious metals, giving you the chance to wear your treasured jewellery for another lifetime.

The Process

If you want a completely new and different type of jewellery than your treasured item, we will melt it down and cast a new piece using the original precious metal (sometimes it is necessary to add more) or we can reform the item, after melting it down, by hand to a different style. 

Sentimental value is immeasurable, here at Nouveau we apply a thoughtful approach whilst working with any piece of treasured jewellery. So whether it’s a case of a small alteration or an entirely new concept, rest assured our expert goldsmiths and craftsmen will breathe new life into your family heirloom, allowing it to suit you!