Wedding Anniversaries - 30th, 35th, 40th.
30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl 

Your 30th Anniversary is symbolised by Pearls. Formed over time in oysters, which are hardly the most beautiful of vessels, the symbolism of a pearl is the hidden beauty coming from maturity, as in a long lasting marriage, it’s what on the inside that's most important and where true beauty lies.

Obviously, pearls make the perfect gift be it earrings, a pendant or necklace or perhaps mother of pearl cufflinks for him.

35th Wedding Anniversary - Coral / Jade

Traditionally, the 35th wedding anniversary was marked with a gift of coral. However, as coral is now endangered, jade is substituted instead. 
Jade represents good luck, good fortune, wealth, and wisdom and is revered in many cultures around the world. Jade anniversary gifts are thought to bring that same luck, fortune, wealth and wisdom to the couple celebrating 35 years of marriage.

40th Wedding Anniversary - Ruby

Ruby is one of the world’s most beloved gemstones, with it's deep, delicious, red colour; the colour of love and passion.

Of course ruby jewellery always makes a wonderful gift for your spouse but, if you want to think outside the box then what about personalised ruby-red wine to share or a red rose to plant in your garden?



April 05, 2023 — Christopher Onslow