Wedding Anniversaries - 15th, 20th, 25th.
15th Wedding Anniversary - Crystal 
Crystal is delicate and its transparency reflects how a couple see each other with crystal clarity after 15 years of marriage.
Elegant crystal stemware is always a welcome gift, or maybe you’d choose watches for each other as a more contemporary option.
20th Wedding Anniversary - China 

Your 20th Wedding Anniversary is represented by China; a fragile and beautiful medium which requires care and attention to last over time and symbolises how well you have looked after your love over the two decades you’ve been married.

Items made of bone China can make an attractive gift – or perhaps cook a homemade Chinese meal, have a meal out at your local Chinese, or even a romantic Chinese takeaway in the comfort of your home.



25th Wedding Anniversary - Silver  

A quarter of a century married is an incredible accomplishment and is well represented by Silver, one of the most valuable metals and which symbolises that no matter how old it is, if silver is treated well, it is radiant.

Traditional gifts may include silver photo frames, silver jewellery and cufflinks. If you want to push the boat out, maybe a party to celebrate with your friends and family, or how about revisiting the location you spent your Honeymoon?



March 01, 2023 — Christopher Onslow