Wedding Anniversaries: 6th to 10th
6th Wedding Anniversary – Sugar
Your Sixth Year Anniversary is represented by sugar; how sweet! Perfect Anniversary gifts would obviously include cake; how about an indulgent Afternoon Tea for two?
7th Wedding Anniversary - Wool
The symbol for your Seventh Anniversary is wool, which keeps you warm and snug, as does the love you and your partner provide for each other. Woollen clothing or throws can make a great gift for your seven year anniversary.
8th Wedding Anniversary - Salt 
Salt is used to provide flavour. For your Eighth Wedding Anniversary it represents the fact that your love is a necessity in your life; adding flavour. For gift ideas how about cooking a delicious meal for your partner (with just the right amount of salt) or a romantic meal out.
9th Wedding Anniversary - Copper 
 Copper conducts and generates heat, as could be said of your ninth year of marriage. Copper gifts could include cookware or maybe artwork. And, of course, a piece of jewellery would never go amiss as an Anniversary gift for any year.
10th Wedding Anniversary - Tin 
A decade of marriage is an incredible achievement, congratulations. Tin is used as a symbol of a 10th anniversary because it is durable, doesn't corrode and is used for preservation.

For your 10th Wedding Anniversary, tin gifts could include practical gifts such as home ware or cookware or more decorative gifts such as vases, engraved goblets or candle holders.  However, more recently, it's become more customary to gift an Eternity Ring. We have a variety of Eternity Rings in stock to suit every taste and budget.



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February 28, 2023 — Christopher Onslow