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January's birthstone is  Garnet. I am sure the first thing that comes to mind when you see the above image is “That looks like a ruby!” and you wouldn’t be the first to think that! There has been a debate of ruby vs garnet due to their perceived similarity, however the history of garnet is something which is truly fascinating!

Garnet Meaning 

Firstly, the word Garnet comes from the Latin word “granatum” meaning “seed” due to its resemblance to the seeds of a pomegranate. In Greek mythology Hades himself gave a Garnet to his beloved to ensure her eventual return. Since then garnets have symbolised love.

Where is garnet found? 

Garnet has been found in several locations all over the world such as Africa, India and Sri Lanka. This is where it gets interesting! Garnets are perhaps well known for their beautiful dark red (pyrope) colour however they also have a multitude of alternative colours with the most desired being dark green (Tsavorites) and even black garnet.

Garnet Stone Benefits 

Throughout history the main benefit referenced in garnetis its healing properties. This healing was not just of the physical, but also the spiritual such as warding against nightmares. Other benefits include boosting self-esteem, loyalty, devotion and energy - to name a few. Garnet signals eternal friendship and love, making it the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one.


Here at Nouveau we have a wide range of garnet jewellery including garnet rings and garnet necklaces. However, we also offer our bespoke service to bring your dream jewellery to life. We recently designed a gorgeous bespoke pendant for one of our lovely customers, from a garnet ring that belong to her father into a beautiful unique necklace, allowing her wear and treasure forever. 


January 01, 2019 — Elizabeth Rowlands
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