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Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. Diamonds are well known for their colourless, sparkling beauty. However, diamonds can come in variety of colours the rarest of which being red. Those born in April are considered to have the most precious of all the gemstones as their birthstone. Thereby diamonds are the perfect April birthday gift!


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Diamond Meaning and History

It is believed that the first diamonds were found in India at least 3,000 years ago! Diamond uses have varied throughout history, but one of the more interesting uses was to engrave tools because of their “indestructible” nature. Leading on from this the Ancient Greeks named diamonds “adamas” which means “invincible” and “indestructible”. The Greeks believed that every diamond represented the tears of a weeping God. The Romans believed diamonds were fragments of stars which had fallen to Earth. It is only during the Renaissance Period that Diamonds began to be used as engagement rings!



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Diamond Benefits

Diamonds have been used throughout history for many practical reasons, however they have also been used for their mystical properties. Diamonds were believed to have exceptional power, opening many spiritual doors, which may be why diamonds now represent truth.



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Nouveau Diamonds

Here at Nouveau we have a wide range of diamond jewellery ranging from necklaces to engagement rings! We also have our diamond guide which fully explains diamond clarity, diamond grading and diamond cuts.

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