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Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, known for its distinct glorious green colouring. The deeper the green colouring the more valuable the Emerald is. Modern day culture has used “Emerald” to describe places of immense beauty such as the “Emerald Isle” to describe lush green countryside of Ireland, also the “Emerald City” in the film the Wizard of Oz!

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Emerald Meaning and History

Emeralds are considered one of the rarest gemstones, typically found in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia. Ancient Egyptian Mummies were often buried with emeralds, furthermore Cleopatra was also known to wear Emerald jewellery as it was a symbol of eternal youth.  Also found in Ancient Egypt were the Emerald Tablets, which were believed to contain the history of the universe, showing how important Emeralds were to the Ancient Egyptians.

Emerald Benefits

There are a wide variety of believed benefits of emeralds, the main one was the protection of lovers from unfaithfulness. Should the heart remain loyal, the Emerald was believed to glow a beautiful green.

Nouveau Emeralds

Here at Nouveau we have a great range of Emerald jewellery ranging from earrings to rings. We also offer bespoke services should you want something special created, just for you or a loved one!

May 01, 2019 — Christopher Onslow
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