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The birthstone for June is the beautiful and unique pearl which is created in an abundance of colours ranging from yellow to coral red. Some link Alexandrite to June, however, it is traditionally the pearl which is the birthstone for June. What truly makes pearls stand out from the rest of the gemstones is that they are produced by a living creature!

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Pearl Meaning and History

Pearls are officially the world's oldest gem, being well sought after long before written history. It is believed they were initially found when people began searching for food along the seashore in oysters, with them being presented to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC! Ancient Greeks believed Pearls were the tears of joy of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, so definitely make the perfect gift for any loved one.

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Pearl Benefits

Pearls were believed to provide positive benefits to those who wore them. Many of the benefits involved strengthening the mind and reinforcing the mind's positive aspects, specifically reducing negativity. They were also believed to develop harmony between a husband and wife.

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Nouveau Pearls

Here at Nouveau we have a variety of Pearl jewellery ranging from necklaces to engagement rings, the highlight of which might be our very own Black Pearl and diamond ring


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